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There are an array of different ways to stay fit, but one form of exercise that isn’t utilized to its fullest potential is a water workout. A water workout may sound intimidating, but they in fact provide an effective, low impact way to gain strength and burn calories. Below are 6 benefits of a water workout that demonstrate just how powerful they can be.

1. Low Impact

Swimming is a low-impact activity for the body, which means it is much kinder on your joints. In comparison to high-impact exercises that target the same areas, such as running and bodyweight exercises, swimming will put much less strain on your joints, tendons, and muscles.

Great for Rehabilitation

Water workouts are an excellent exercise of choice for those with any kind of injury that would limit their ability on land. Since the water supports most of the bodyweight, the swimming stroke is much gentler on the body. This can act to reduce the pain and intensity of the workout, while still providing a good level of exercise.

Increased Resistance

Unlike on land activities, water offers the unique benefit of resistance in any direction. This Resistance offers opposition which helps to build muscle strength and endurance. It also provides a sufficient challenge to build fitness levels, and to work muscle groups that may be harder to target on dry land.

2. Cardio

Water workouts also offer a great cardio workout. The resistance in water will help to increase cardiovascular fitness, improve heart health and allow you to burn calories more efficiently.


Swimming allows you to work your cardio however hard you want and at the pace which suits you. Simply by increasing the intensity, the cardiovascular benefits and calorie burn can increase dramatically for a more effective workout.

Extra Drills

Swimmers can implement cardio drills into their routine to target specific parts of their swim. For example, by implementing volume sets, kick sets, mixed sets and endurance sets, swimmers can focus purely on the cardiovascular benefits, while still have the additional bonus of resistance training.

3. Flexibility

Swimming helps to increase the flexibility of all of your joints. The water will grip and stretch the ligaments helping them to become more flexible and supple. The stretching of the arms, torso and legs allow an increase in the range of motion and joint flexibility.

Softer Movements

Water is also a great way to increase flexibility through softer form of movements. The constant resistance in water allows people to stretch comfortably while performing exercises, without the risk of damaging their joints.

Post-Workout Flexibility

Benefits of a Water WorkoutAlso, swimming is a great way to increase flexibility post-workout. The stretching and relaxing elements of swimming can help the body cool down after a hard session, while increasing flexibility and freeing muscles up from stiffness.

4. Weight Loss

Swimming can be a great exercise for those trying to lose excess body fat. Swimming helps to burn calories, increase metabolic rate and reduce blood pressure. The resistance of the water allows for a high-intensity workout that can be both enjoyable and effective.

Calorie Burn

The intensity of swimming means that it can help to burn calories quickly. A premium calorie burning exercise, regular swimming can help reduce the fat levels in your body while also building strength.

Metabolic Rate

Swimming is a great way to increase the metabolic rate of the body as well. The combination of resistance and cardiovascular exercise can help to burn calories more efficiently, while building strength and helping with weight loss.

5. Core Strength

Swimming is a great way to work the core muscles which help to support your joints and make everyday movements easier. It provides one of the best workouts for the muscles of your torso, as well as your low back, helping you to look more toned and to gain strength.


The core muscles are worked in a unique way with swimming due to the buoyancy of the water. Standing upright in the water needs good core strength and proper technique, to hold the right body position.

Range of Movements

The nature of swimming also encourages a wide range of movements that work the core muscles in different directions. The twisting and turning of each of the strokes means that the core muscles are being flexed, stretched and worked in a variety of ways.

6. Fun

Finally, perhaps one of the most important benefits of a water workout is that it is fun! With the added challenge of having to stay afloat and overall calming nature of the water, swimming can become an enjoyable and rewarding pastime that does not seem like it is a chore.


Swimming also allows you to explore different bodies of water, such as open water swimming, lake swimming and river swimming. With swimming you can explore new areas, new locations and enjoy a different experience each time.

Social Activity

Swimming is a wonderful social activity as well. Joining or creating a swimming group can allow you to meet new people and work together to help each other improve.

Final Words

A water workout is a great way to stay fit and to reach your goals. A combination of low-impact exercise, muscle and strength training and improved flexibility, with the added benefit of being a fun and social activity, makes swimming a great part of any fitness routine. Whether it is for rehabilitation, weight loss, core strength or simply for enjoyment, swimming can offer something for everyone.