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Hot tubs are the perfect atmosphere for relaxing, socializing and playing games. With the warm bubbly water, spending time in the hot tub with friends and family can easily turn into an awesome night. To keep the fun going, here are six fun game ideas for hot tub owners.

1. Trivia

Gather Some Fun Facts

Trivia can be a great way to learn something new while having a great time. To prepare, have each guest write down five trivia facts they know. This way, everyone will be able to contribute with unique answers and no one feels left out. Everyone can guess the answer and the first one to come up with the correct answer wins that round.

Create Original Questions

In addition to going around the group and sharing their five facts, the guest can come up with fun questions from their own knowledge. This can make it even more fun as the guests can come up with various obscure clues.

2. Charades

Teams of 2

Charades is a perfect game for hot tub owners to play. Start with teams of two, each with one act-out and one guesser. Split the pool in half to help teams separate and have their own private area. Allow some time for the actors to prepare their acts before they are in the water (just make sure they don’t sneak in a peak at the answer).

Elimination Charades

This version is more exciting, but takes a bit more preparation. Divide the guests into two teams. Each act-out is then given a word/phrase to act out. The guessing team then has one minute to guess as many as they can. After one minute, the team with the fewest correct answers is eliminated. This continues until there is only one team remaining.

3. Truth or Dare

Play in Teams

Truth or Dare is another fun game to play in the hot tub. Divide the guests into two teams and give each player a turn. Have the teams take turns deciding which team will ask the truth or dare question first. The team member who is asked the question must answer truthfully or complete a dare – that’s the exciting part!

Create Dare Rules

Be sure to create rules for the dares that are safe and appropriate. Make sure that no one is embarrassed or uncomfortable in any way. Dare ideas can include singing, acting out a scene, or act out a matching word or phrase.

4. Hot Tub Olympics

Pick the Events

A friendly competition between teams can be one of the most fun ways to enjoy a hot tub. To start, have each guest pick out events they would like to compete in. Possible events include Ping Pong basketball, Volleyball, various water races.

Points and Winners

Each team will earn points for each event, and once all the events are completed the team with the most points wins. Suggested awards can include a floating water volleyball or a gift card for ice cream.

5. Hot Tub Polka

Organize the Group

Hot Tub Polka requires the hot tub to be split in two sections, with an even number of guests on each side. To get started, have the guests on one side link arms and have the opposite side do the same. The guests should then proceed to circle around their respective sides and move at a pace in the hot tub just like a real polka.

Switch it Up

Make things extra fun and switch the positions of the guests. Once in the new position, it is time to polka around and take it up a notch.

6. Hot Tub Scavenger Hunt

Plan the Hunt

A hot Tub scavenger hunt can be a great activity for all ages. To start, assign specific items that participants need to find. To make it competitive, there can be a time limit, or the first team to find all the items can win. For a fun twist, assign categories or items that the guests must find in a particular order.

Make it More Engrossing

Add more excitement and make it a challenge. Give the participants set hints that they must decipher and have them uncover clues along the way. Tailor the scavenger hunt to the skill level and interests of the individuals that are participating.


Playing games in the hot tub can make for some fun moment for all ages. With the relaxing atmosphere, hot tub owners can utilize their hot tub to its fullest potential. With six great game ideas, there is a twist of entertainment that can be enjoyed by all in the hot tub.