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Do you want to make the most out of your hot tub? You can plan fun activities with your family and friends that will make your hot tub experience even more enjoyable. From spa day ideas to poolside snacks, here are 6 hot tub fun ideas that you should try!

1. Host a Spa Day

Make the most out of your hot tub and turn it into a spa day. Gather the essentials like incense, spa music, aromatherapy oils, and body scrubs, and turn the hot tub into a spa-like atmosphere. Share dishes that you make like healthy wraps, finger sandwiches, and fruit platters. Get creative and use cute towels, plush bathrobes, and colorful mats for a refreshing spa-like atmosphere.

Set A Mood

Set the mood with spa music. The idea is to relax and feel pampered. Get in the zone by playing soothing music to bring out the feel-good vibes and help you relax.

DIY Spa Treatments

Create a luxurious spa atmosphere by using homemade beauty treatments. Use natural ingredients to make your own foot scrubs, body melts and body wraps. These treatments will nourish and soften your skin and give you the spa feeling.

2. Have a Poolside Cookout

Gather all of your poolside essentials and create a tasty cookout. Pack up side dishes and summer snacks like chips, fresh fruits, and salads. For a healthy twist, pack vegan or vegetarian burgers and other alternatives. You can also bring your own portable grills and set up a nice area near the pool. Play soft music and create lively ambiance that will have you and your friends feeling great.

Bring Simple Snacks

For a refreshing poolside snack, bring homemade grilled veggies and boiled corn on the cob. Take out simple chips, treats, and everyone’s favorite dip for a snack to munch on. You can also create a colorful fruit tray with lots of different fruits for a poolside snack.

Grill Your Way

For an even more impressive cookout, get creative with the grill! Grill up your favorite meats and vegetables and create yummy recipes that everyone can enjoy. Create a tasty and flavor-filled meal that will have your friends raving.

3. Movie Night Under The Stars

Grab a few inflatable chairs and blankets, pop some corn under the stars, and get the essentials like your favorite soda and the latest movies. To make it more cozy, hang up strings of twinkle lights and star-inspired decorations. Put an old-fashioned projector with a large screen or a modern television and Blu-Ray Player to complete the movie night experience.

Bring Special Treats

For a special treat, make your own movie night snacks more creative with special treats that go along with the movie. Choose from chocolate-covered goodies, homemade popcorn balls, nachos and other snacks that everyone would love.

Pick The Most Popular Show

For movie night, it’s all about picking the right movie. Get the classic Disney favorites for the kids to watch, or pick a more exploration movie for adults. Choose a popular show that everyone can agree on to watch under the stars!

4. Play Hilarious Hot Tub Games

Play exciting pool games like hot tub hockey, water basketball, and other pool games. Hot tub games can be a fun and entertaining way to spend time with family and friends. Add pool toys and get creative, you can make your own hot tub games!

Create Your Own Games

Create your own variations of pool games like hot tub hockey. All you need is a few pieces of wood and a net, and you have all the items you need for the game. Get creative, mix and match the games, and all the supplies you need, and you are ready to go!

Other Hot Tub Games

Try fun activities like water volleyball, pool rugby, or water polo. You can even add inflatable pool noodles, balls, and pool rings to make it more fun. You can also use them as targets to hit or goals to aim for.

5. Make Delicious Drinks and Cocktails

Mix up some tasty and delicious drinks to keep your guests refreshed. From warm hot chocolate drinks to cool lemonades, there are plenty of recipes that you can mix up and have your own poolside party.

Hot Tub Cocktails

Mix up some creative and flavorful cocktails for a fun and unique way to enjoy your hot tub experience. Popular hot tub cocktails including daiquiris, mudslides and mai-tais. Get creative, there are plenty of cocktail recipes that you can try.

Flavored Hot Chocolates

Warm up with a hot mug of chocoalate on a chilly night in the tub. For some added flavor, try mixing up different flavors like peanut butter, candy cane, or cherry. Enjoy the warm hot chocolate and relax under the stars.

6. Have A Poolside Karaoke Sing-Off

Have yourself a poolside sing-off or lip-syncing contest. Add your favorite karaoke songs to the playlist and let the fun begin. You can also create your own karaoke booth with a few pieces of fabric and fabric markers. Create a fun and creative atmosphere for guests to have a blast.

Set Up Your Own Karaoke Booth

Create your own karaoke booth for a fun and enjoyable experience. Hang up a few pieces of fabric and attach fabric markers to the pool fence. Have guests come up one at a time to perform and create a memorable evening!

Find Good Music

Choose songs that everyone knows and can sing along to. Select classic songs or popular songs to get your guests in the singing mood. Pop some popcorn and have a great time singing along.


Grab your bathing suit, invites and snacks and get ready for a fun time in the hot tub. With just a few easy steps and creative ideas, you can turn your backyard hot tub into the ultimate escape spot for your family and friends. Whether it’s a spa day, poolside cookout, or sing-off, you and your guests can have a fun and enjoyable time in the hot tub.

People Also Ask

What are some fun ideas for a hot tub?

Fun ideas for a hot tub include hosting a spa day, having a poolside cookout, having a movie night under the stars, playing hilarious hot tub games, making delicious drinks and cocktails, and having a poolside karaoke sing-off.

What can you do to make the hot tub experience more enjoyable?

You can make the hot tub experience more enjoyable by hosting a spa day, creating a fun poolside atmosphere, and having fun activities like poolside games and karaoke.

Can you have a pool party in a hot tub?

Yes, you can have a pool party and enjoy your hot tub by hosting spa days, having poolside cookouts, playing pool games, and having movie nights.

What should I bring to a hot tub party?

Items to bring to a hot tub party include snacks, drinks, towels, a portable grill, pool toys, and music.

What games can you play in a hot tub?

Games that you can play in a hot tub include pool hockey, water basketball, water volleyball, pool rugby, and hot tub cocktails. You can also get creative and make your own hot tub games.

Final Words

Whether you’re a hot tub enthusiast or just looking for some fun ideas, 6 hot tub fun ideas is the ultimate guide for creating the best hot tub experience. With these creative ideas and tips, you will have yourself a night of fun and relaxation in your hot tub.