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Hot tubs are growing in popularity as a great way to relax, and many people have misconceptions about how to use and maintain hot tubs. To help clarify, let’s debunk some of the most common hot tub myths.

Myth 1: Hot Tubs are Unsafe

This is one of the most common hot tub myths, but it’s simply not true. Hot tubs are perfectly safe when used as intended and with regular maintenance. In fact, studies have shown that spending time in hot tubs can have a calming effect and lower stress levels.

Always Keep Kids Supervised

It is important to always keep children supervised while they are in a hot tub and make sure they don’t stay in longer than 10 minutes at a time. Additionally, the temperature of the hot tub should never exceed 104°F.

Keep the Water Clean

Another important safety measure is to keep the water in a hot tub clean and free of bacteria. This can be achieved by changing the water in the hot tub every 4-6 months and regularly checking and adding chemicals to the water to keep the pH level balanced.

Myth 2: Hot Tubs are Hard to Maintain

A hot tub is easier to maintain than many people think. Hot tubs require regular maintenance, but this is fairly straightforward and simple. It is important to check the pH and chemical levels of the water and to clean the filter regularly. Most manufacturers also suggest running the hot tub on a regular cleaning cycle to keep it clean and functioning properly.

Empty & Refill

It is also a good idea to empty and refill the hot tub once every 4-6 months to help keep the water clean and bacteria-free. This is a relatively easy process, and hot tub owners can usually accomplish this task on their own.


Another way to help maintain a hot tub is to keep the cover on it when it is not in use. This helps keep debris and dirt out of the hot tub and helps keep the water clean and free of contaminants.

Myth 3: Hot Tubs are Expensive

The cost of a hot tub can vary based on several factors, such as size, features, and location. However, hot tubs are generally very affordable. You can find hot tubs for as little as a few hundred dollars, and these basic models can still provide great relaxation and stress relief.

PhotoVoltaic Systems

If you’re looking to save even more money, there are options such as solar powered hot tubs and hot tubs powered by photovoltaic systems. These options can significantly reduce the costs associated with running a hot tub.

Electrical Costs

Finally, if you purchase a standard hot tub, you can help keep electricity costs to a minimum by only running the hot tub for short periods of time. This can help keep the costs associated with running a hot tub affordable.

Myth 4: Hot Tubs Require a Lot of Space

Hot tubs don’t require as much space as people may think. Many people believe that they need a large backyard in order to install a hot tub, but this isn’t necessarily true. Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes and can fit into virtually any space.

Above Ground

For those with limited space, an above-ground hot tub may be the perfect solution. Above-ground hot tubs come in a variety of sizes and can be installed on porches, decks, or even indoors.


For those with larger spaces, in-ground hot tubs are a great option. These types of hot tubs are installed in the ground and can be customized to fit any space or budget.

Myth 5: Hot Tubs Require a Lot of Time

This myth is also false. Hot tubs don’t require a lot of time. Hot tub owners can simply fill the tub with water, add chemicals, and turn on the pump and heater. As long as hot tub owners keep the water clean and periodically check the chemical levels, they don’t have to spend time each day maintaining the hot tub.

Cleaning the Filter

One important maintenance task to remember is to regularly clean the filter. This can easily be done by removing the filter cartridge and rinsing it off with a garden hose.

Run the Jets

Another important maintenance task is to run the jets. This ensures that no dirt or debris is trapped in the pipes and allows for the hot tub to be used safely.

People Also Ask

Is it safe to stay in a hot tub for a long time?

It is not recommended to stay in a hot tub for an extended period of time, as the hot temperatures can be taxing on the body. Generally, it is best to limit hot tub use to 10 minutes or less at a time.

How often should I change the water in my hot tub?

It is recommended that you empty and refill the hot tub every 4-6 months. This helps maintain the water clean and free of bacteria.

Do I need to cover my hot tub when not in use?

It is recommended to keep the cover on the hot tub when it is not in use. This helps keep debris, dirt and other contaminants out of the water.

Should I run the hot tub jets regularly?

Yes, it is important to run the hot tub jets regularly to ensure that dirt and debris do not get stuck in the pipes.

How do I maintain the chemical levels in the hot tub?

To maintain the proper chemical levels in the hot tub, you should check and add chemicals to the water regularly. This helps keep the water clean and safe to use.

Final Words

Hot tubs are a great way to relax and unwind and with regular maintenance, they are perfectly safe and easy to maintain. To enjoy your hot tub to the fullest, it’s important to understand how to maintain and use your hot tub safely. By debunking these 5 hot tub myths, you can make sure you get the most out of your hot tub!