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Short of owning an oasis in a desert, a hot tub is the ultimate retreat. But to keep that oasis a reality, you’ll need to protect the hot tub’s exterior. This hot tub maintenance guide will explore everything you need to know to keep the exterior of your hot tub in top condition. Read on to find out tips and information on proper maintenance and protection of the exterior of your hot tub.

Why is Maintenance and Protection Necessary?

Having a hot tub should not be a stressful experience. With proper maintenance and protection, you can avoid any damages, as well as ensuring that your hot tub looks as good as new for years to come. Performing regular inspection and maintenance on it will guarantee both the longevity of your hot tub and a pleasant, calming experience when enjoying it.

Protecting the Exterior

Covering the Hot Tub

The simplest and most cost effective protection against compromising weather elements is a hot tub cover. A quality hot tub cover should fit securely and provide easy access when necessary. Also, be sure to take it off after use and store in a dry environment.

Cleaning the Exterior

To keep your hot tub looking its best, you should perform regular cleanings on its exterior. Lightly scrub the sides of the tub and surrounding areas with a soft cloth and mild detergent. You should avoid using abrasive cleaners or materials as they can damage the surface of your tub. Additionally, be mindful of what chemicals and materials you use when cleaning, as they may affect the pH balance of the water.

Protecting Against Sun and Weather Hazards

The exterior of your hot tub should be checked along with the water to make sure the hot tub is free of algae, fungi, and other biofilm-causing contaminants. You can also reduce the amount of exterior damage caused by sun and extreme weather elements. Consider purchasing a tarp to put over hot tub if left outside dilapidated in between uses.

People Also Ask

What is the best hot tub cover?

The best hot tub cover is one that is specifically tailored to the dimensions and shape of your hot tub. Additionally, ensure that it is waterproof and ultraviolet (UV) light resistant.

How often should I clean the exterior of my hot tub?

It is suggested to clean the exterior of your hot tub once or twice a month. Ensure that you are using a mild detergent and a soft cloth for the best results.

How do I protect my hot tub from UV rays?

The best way to protect your hot tub from UV rays is to purchase a quality hot tub cover that is waterproof and UV resistant. Additionally, you can also search for a tarp to cover it when in between uses.

How do I remove algae from the exterior of my hot tub?

The best way of removing algae from the exterior of a hot tub is to use an algae-specific chemical cleaner. Make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle closely and be sure to rinse off the hot tub once the product is applied.

Final Words

Caring for and protecting the exterior of your hot tub will ensure proper operation and a long-lasting, pleasurable bathing experience. With the right tips, cleaning supplies, and maintaining proper maintenance, your hot tub will remain the haven of relaxation and serenity that you desire.