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Hot tubs have been around for centuries, offering people the chance to indulge in the ultimate in relaxation. But just because these luxurious items are luxurious doesn’t mean they should come with a side of guilty feeling – quite the opposite: hot tubs are actually healthy and beneficial, not only to our mental health and general wellbeing, but to our physical health as well. From offering a host of different health benefits to utilizing eco-friendly materials, hot tubs shouldn’t make us feel guilty for indulging in the luxury of these relaxing retreats!

The Different Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Lowered Stress Levels

One of the most prominent benefits of regularly using a hot tub is successfully managing stress levels. The hot water and jet massage helps to reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation. Furthermore, the minerals that can be added to hot tubs, such as magnesium, can also help to reduce stress levels in the body. The buoyancy and supportive feeling of being submerged in the hot water can also have a calming effect. Research has suggested that hot tubs can be used to reduce stress and overall levels of tension and anxiety.

Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Hot tubs can be beneficial when it comes to its effects on pain. From studies conducted on people suffering from arthritis, Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain, hot tubs were found to reduce the levels of pain. The same study also found that regular use of hot tubs can help reduce inflammation, as the warm temperature of the water increases circulation and thus, helps to reduce inflammation symptoms.

Enhanced Sleep Quality

Using a hot tub can help improve sleep quality — and not just because of the calm and soothing feeling of the hot water. When using a hot tub before bed, the body temperature rises in a natural way and falls gradually as you cool down, helping the body to relax and prepare for sleep. The body also releases melatonin, which is important for regulating sleep.

Eco-Friendly Hot Tub Materials

Recycled Wood Timbers

More often than not, hot tubs are made from wood — and that wood might not always be sustainably sourced. Fortunately, more and more manufacturers are now introducing hot tubs made from eco-friendly recycled wood timbers. This helps to reduce the amount of deforestation taking place and the usage of natural resources.

Ceramic Coatings and Thermal Insulation

Another eco-friendly material used to construct hot tubs are ceramic coatings, which are a type of non-toxic alternative to traditional paints. Reasons for using ceramic coatings range from being super durable and cost-effective, to protecting the wood from moisture and insects, which extends the lifespan of the hot tub. Thermal insulation is often used on the outer shell of hot tubs to help reduce energy costs associated with heating the water.

Eco-Friendly Filters and Accessories

With hot tubs, there are a number of filters and accessories available, some of which are made from eco-friendly materials. Not just this, but some of these eco-friendly filters and accessories come with anti-microbial technology, which means they can help reduce the amount of water and energy used to keep the hot tub clean.

People Also Ask:

Are hot tubs unhealthy?

Hot tubs are not unhealthy, in fact, using hot tubs can offer health benefits as well. While hot tubs can, of course, be overused, like anything else, the relaxation offered from hot tubs can reduce inflammation, stress and tension, and promote better sleep quality.

Can hot tubs be used in bad weather?

Yes, hot tubs can be used in bad weather, provided that they are covered when not in use. Hot tubs are normally equipped with a cover to keep debris and debris out, as well as to regulate the temperature of the water.

Can I use a hot tub while pregnant?

It is not recommended to use a hot tub while pregnant. Hot tubs can raise the body temperature, which can be dangerous for the baby. Furthermore, the buoyancy of the water in the hot tub can reduce blood flow to the baby.

Do I need a ground mat for a hot tub?

A ground mat for a hot tub is not necessary but it is recommended as it will help protect the surface from chemicals, dirt, and spills. Additionally, a ground mat can help to provide extra cushioning and comfort.

Can hot tubs be used outside?

Yes, hot tubs can be used outside, depending on the weather and other conditions. Depending on the style, some hot tubs can be easily taken inside or outside.

Final Words

Hot tubs are luxurious, relaxing items that do not need to come with a side of guilt. In fact, these soothing retreats come with an array of different health benefits, such as managing stress levels, reducing pain and inflammation, and enhancing sleep quality. Additionally, more and more hot tubs are now being made with eco-friendly materials, offering further assurance that these items can be enjoyed without feeling guilty. Hot tubs are one of life’s pleasures that should be embraced and not shied away from.