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How Big is a Hot Tub? Your Guide to Spa Dimensions

A hot tub is an essential part of many people’s relaxation ritual after a busy day. But how big do hot tubs come? Knowing the size of a hot tub helps you make an informed purchase decision, and helps you determine where you’ll need to place your hot tub when you get it home. This guide will provide you with the spa dimensions of various types of hot tubs, so you can get the perfect size for your home and needs.

Types of Hot Tubs

There are a wide variety of hot tubs available on the market, ranging from smaller inflatable models to luxurious 8-seat spas. Knowing the different types of hot tubs available to you can help you determine what size you may need.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

The first type of hot tub is an inflatable hot tub. Inflatable hot tubs are great if you don’t want to do a full installation in your backyard, but would rather take it down and store it away if needed. Inflatable hot tubs typically range in size from 2-6 person capacity, with diameters usually ranging from 170cm to 220cm.

Portable Hot Tubs

The second type of hot tub is a portable hot tub. Portable hot tubs are designed to be mobile and may need to be regularly moved from one location to another, making them ideal for those who are renting or want to get the most out of their hot tub. Portable hot tubs don’t need to be installed, and are typically smaller than in-ground hot tubs, with diameters of around 140cm – 180cm.

In-Ground Hot Tubs

The third type of hot tub is an in-ground hot tub. In-ground hot tubs require professional installation, and may be made from brick, stone, concrete or other materials. In-ground hot tubs are usually larger than portable hot tubs, and their diameters can range from 180cm – 275cm. The exact size will vary depending on the number of seats the hot tub has.

Hot Tub Seating Capacity

When purchasing a hot tub, one of the most important factors to consider is seating capacity. Not only will this determine the size of the hot tub, but will also affect the overall cost as well. Most hot tubs come with seating for 2-8 people, and can range in size from 140cm – 275cm depending on the model.

What is the Standard Size for a Hot Tub?

There is no standard size for a hot tub, as each model and make is unique. The exact diameter of your hot tube will depend on the type of hot tube you are purchasing, as well as its seating capacity and features.

Hot Tub Measurements in Yards

Most hot tubs are measured in meters, but for those more used to yards, this guide will provide you with the spa dimensions of your hot tub in both meters and yards. For example, a typical 2-person hot tub may be around 2 meters wide, and this is equal to 2.2 yards. A 6-person hot tub may be around 4.5 meters wide, and this is equal to 4.9 yards.

People Also Ask

How Much Room Do I Need for a Hot Tub?

When determining how much room you need for a hot tub, the size of the hot tub and the area you have around it will affect how much space is necessary. Generally, you should plan for at least 30-45cm between the hot tub and any nearby walls.

Can I Put a Hot Tub on a Wooden Deck?

Yes, you can put a hot tub on a wooden deck. However, be sure to use a concrete foundation or paver stones to prevent the hot tub from shifting, and install additional supports if needed. You should also make sure that your deck is able to support the weight of the hot tub, as well as any additional people who may be using it.

How Many Gallons Does a Typical Hot Tub Hold?

The average hot tub holds between 250-500 gallons of water, depending on its size and number of jets. The more jets, the more gallons of water the hot tub needs to hold.

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

There are many factors that go into the cost of a hot tub, including type, size, features, and installation. The average price range is between $2,000 – $12,000, but prices can range from as little as $500 to more than $20,000 for a luxury model.

Final Words

When it comes to purchasing a hot tub, knowing the size and type of hot tub you need can help you make an informed decision. This guide provides you with information about the different types of hot tubs available, as well as their spa dimensions and seating capacity. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to get the perfect hot tub for your home and needs.