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Hot tubs are a popular item for relaxation and recreation, but when you come across an air lock in your hot tub, it can quickly take away the joy of the experience. An air lock occurs when, due to various factors, air becomes trapped in the system and water can’t circulate. While the issue can be inconvenient, it doesn’t mean your hot tub is unusable. This article will explore how to fix a hot tub air lock.

Identifying An Air Lock In The Hot Tub

Signs of An Air Lock

When a hot tub is experiencing an air lock, it can be identified by some familiar signs. These signs include:

  • Loud whining sound coming from the hot tub pump
  • The hot tub pump doesn’t turn on
  • Little to no water circulation
  • Water doesn’t reach the filter or return to the tub

If your hot tub displays any of the above mentioned signs, it’s likely that the hot tub is experiencing an air lock.

Cause of An Air Lock

There can be a number of reasons why an air lock could develop in your hot tub. Here are some of the most common causes of an air lock:

  • Water levels have fallen too low
  • Leaky pipes or loose connections
  • Obstructions in the pipes or valve
  • Hot tub shell is cracked

Once you have identified the signs and established the cause of the air lock, you can begin to solve the problem.

Steps To Take In Fixing An Air Lock

Locate The Air Lock

The first step in fixing an air lock is to locate the source of the blockage. This can be done by carrying out a few simple tests. To locate the air lock, run the pump for a couple of minutes and observe the bubbles created. Identify which pipe the bubbles are coming from, this should be the source of your air lock.

Clear The Air Lock

Once you have established the source of the air lock, you will need to clear it. Carefully unscrew the pipe and remove any obstruction that may be causing the air lock. Often the air lock is caused by excess air in the system, and can be cleared with a few taps on the elbow joint of the pipe.

Re-attach and Re-fill

Once the air lock has been cleared and the obstruction removed, re-attach the pipe firmly and securely. Once you have done this, re-fill the hot tub with water to the correct level and switch on the pump.

Check The Water Circulation

Turn on the pump and check the hot tub system for water circulation. Ensure that no air is entering the pipes and that the water levels are correct. If you are happy with the water circulation, then the air lock has been fixed.

People Also Ask

What Is An Air Lock In A Hot Tub?

An air lock in a hot tub is when air builds up in the pipes, preventing the water from circulating.

How Do You Unblock An Air Lock In A Hot Tub?

To unblock an air lock in a hot tub, locate the airlock using a few simple tests. Then, clear the airlock by unscrewing the pipe and removing the obstruction. Reattach and refill the hot tub, and check the water circulation.

What Is The Main Cause Of An Air Lock In A Hot Tub?

The main cause of an air lock in a hot tub is usually due to water levels that have fallen too low. Leaky pipes, obstructions, and a cracked hot tub shell can also cause an air lock to occur.

Can An Air Lock Damage The Hot Tub?

Yes, if left untreated, an air lock can cause serious damage to the hot tub. The water levels will be affected, and if severe enough, the hot tub pump could become irreparable.

Final Words

An air lock in a hot tub can be an inconvenient problem, but it can be fixed. With the right knowledge and tools, an air lock can easily be fixed in no time.