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Enjoying a hot tub can make for a great relaxation experience. However, if not pet and pest-proofed, it can turn into a disaster. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the steps need to take in order to ensure that all pets and pests are effectively kept away from your hot tub.

Assess The Potiential Hazards

Going through the area, from yards to hot tubs, and analyzing the potential dangers it might present to your pet or small creatures is essential. Look out for bugs and other animals that can be carried into your hot tub, and seal or enclose any crevices they can squeeze through.

Secure the Tub

Securely fastening the area with a privacy fence or lattice will go a long way in keeping away most of the insects and animals that could enter your hot tub. Applying plenty of foliage around your hot tub not only makes it look inviting but can also provide a natural barrier against pests and animals.

Place Netting Around The Perimeter

Setting a mesh fence around and above the area will add extra protection from adversaries like lizards, squirrels, cats, and birds. Make sure you’re using a fine mesh for the netting to ensure it can provide maximum coverage against the invading creatures.

Install an Outdoor Pet Gate

Installing a pet gate around the perimeter of your hot tub will protect your pet from entering the area, no matter how smart it might be. This will set up a well-defined boundary for your pet and ensure it does not wander into the hot tub.

Pay Attention to the Filter

The filter of the hot tub is the best place where pests and animals can hide. Check the filter of the hot tub on a regular basis to make sure it isn’t clogged with insects or larvaes. Change the filter to a better one if it’s being constantly clogged.

Clean the Area Thoroughly

Make sure you regularly clean the area of the hot tub as this will get rid of any insects that have already invaded the place. Get rid of slime and organic matter, so no creatures will be attracted to linger near your hot tub.

Apply Insect Repellent

If the thought of having bugs and pests around your hot tub hasn’t gone away, then applying insect repellent around the tub will be the last step to ensure your hot tub will be free of them. A safe and scentless formula can be used with no impact on the environment.

People Also Ask

How do you pet proof a hot tub?

In order to pet proof a hot tub, you need to set up a mesh fence around the area and install a pet gate. Make sure your filter is well-maintained and the area is regularly cleaned.

What is the best material to cover a hot tub?

The best material to cover a hot tub is either vinyl or canvas. Vinyl is more durable and waterproof than canvas, however, it’s more expensive.

How can I make my hot tub pet safe?

In order to make your hot tub pet safe, you need to put a pet gate around the hot tub, fasten a privacy fence around the area, and place a netting above and around the hot tub.

Do I need to clean a hot tub every day?

No, you don’t need to clean your hot tub every day. You should clean it regularly and maintain the filter, however.

Can I use boiling water to keep pests away?

No, it’s not a good idea to use boiling water to keep pests away. You should use insect repellent instead to keep away pests and bugs from your hot tub.

Final Words

Pet and pest-proofing your hot tub is a must for a safe and enjoyable experience. Doubling down on the steps mentioned above can ensure your hot tub remains safe from pests and animals so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted soak.