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Getting Ready to Prime the Pool Pump

Priming a pool pump is an important part of regular pool maintenance. Priming the pump ensures that it runs smoothly and efficiently for long periods of time. It’s important to understand the components of the pump, the tools needed, and some safety protocols before taking on this task.

Tools Needed

In order to prime a pool pump, you’ll need some supplies. The most essential item you’ll need is a new replacement gasket or impeller for the pump. Additionally, you’ll need examination gloves, a flathead screwdriver for removal, pliers for tightening bolts, and a pool pump brush for cleaning the outer surface.

Safety Precautions

It’s important to take safety precautions before attempting any pool maintenance tasks. Make sure to unplug the power supply to the pump at first. Also, it’s important to wear examination gloves throughout the process of priming the pump in order to prevent any bacteria or germs from entering the system.

Removing the Pump Lid

Once the safety precautions are taken, remove the pump lid. This can be done by using a flathead screwdriver to loosen the metal screws that hold the lid in place. Once the lid is removed, it’s essential to inspect the gasket or impeller for any damages. If the gasket or impeller is worn or torn, it should be replaced.

Cleaning the Pump Impeller

Using a pool pump brush, thoroughly clean the entire surface of the impeller. This will help ensure that there is no debris blocking any of the passageways in the pump that could hinder the water flow. Clean around the edges and make sure all of the residue is removed.

Replace the Gasket or Impeller

Once the pump impeller is cleaned, replace the gasket or impeller with the new one. Make sure to align the gasket or impeller properly so that it fits in the pump systems. Secure the gasket or impeller with the cover plate and tighten the screws with a pair of pliers.

Filling up the Pump with Water

The last step is to fill the pump with water. To do this, turn on the garden hose and fill up the opening of the pump with water. This will help the pump prime itself to start running efficiently.

Final Words

Priming a pool pump is an essential part of regular pool maintenance. By understanding the components of the pump, the tools needed, and safety protocols, you can prime your pool pump easily. With these four easy steps, you’ll have your pool pump primed and running in no time.