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Are you noticing white flakes in your tub? This all-too-common inconvenience can be annoying, but fortunately, is relatively easy to fix. If you’re dealing with this issue, here’s what you need to know on how to remove and prevent white flakes in a hot tub.

What Causes White Flakes in the Tub?

White flakes in the hot tub are usually caused by bather waste, such as sweat, lotion, and body oil, being combined with the primary sanitizer in your tub, such as chlorine or bromine. This combination creates a chemical reaction that results in insoluble compounds known as “scale”, which appears as flakes or sludge. Fortunately, cleaning and preventing white flakes from returning is relatively easy.

Cleaning White Flakes from the Hot Tub Surface

The cleaning process is simple. First, use a hand-held skimmer or vacuum to remove any visible solids from the hot tub walls, floor and seating surfaces. Next, clean the walls and floor with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth and a mild cleaning solution, such as vinegar or dish soap and water. For heavily soiled surfaces, use a plastic scrubbing brush. Rinse the tub thoroughly afterwards.

Ongoing Hot Tub Care

Regular care is essential to help reduce white flakes in your hot tub. Be sure to brush the walls and floor at least once a week. This helps dislodge any dirt and bather waste that may have accumulated. Additionally, a weekly drain and refill every 4-6 months is also recommended to ensure hot tub water stays clean and free of buildup.

How to Test and Balance the Hot Tub Chemistry

Ensuring you’re hot tub chemistry is balanced is key to preventing white flakes from returning. Test the pH balance and Total alkalinity of your water one to two times a week and adjust as needed. Then, add the proper type and amount of sanitizer and shock to keep the tub clean and its chemistry balanced.

Do Hot Tub Enzymes Help Reduce White Flakes?

Yes, using a hot tub enzyme can help to reduce white flakes by controlling bather waste before it combines with the hot tub chemistry. The enzymes act as a filter to break down sweat, lotion and body oils before they react with the sanitizer and lead to scale build-up.

People Also Ask

Will White Flakes Clog the Filter?

Yes, white flakes can clog the filter if not removed regularly.

Can White Flakes Cause Acid or Alkaline Imbalance?

White flakes do not usually cause an acid or alkaline imbalance. The major problem with white flakes is that they stick to surfaces and are difficult to remove.

Can White Flakes Discolor the Hot Tub?

Yes, white flakes can discolor the hot tub and prevent it from maintaining its original luster.

Can White Flakes Make the Hot Tub Unsafe?

No, white flakes do not make the hot tub unsafe to use. The most damage they can do is discolor the surfaces and make it harder to keep the hot tub clean.

Does Heavy Shocking Affect White Flakes?

Heavy shocking does not usually affect white flakes. Instead, it helps to balance the water chemistry, which can help to prevent white flakes from forming.

Final Words

White flakes can be a huge nuisance in hot tubs, but the good news is that they can easily be removed and prevented with regular cleaning and maintenance. Testing and balancing the hot tub chemistry, using an enzyme, and cleaning the walls and floor weekly are all effective ways to get rid of white flakes and keep the hot tub looking clean and beautiful.