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Using chlorine tablets to keep your hot tub or spa clean is a cost-effective, relatively low-maintenance way to ensure your tub is both sanitary and safe. Chlorine helps keep bacteria and algae growth at bay while also increasing the life of a hot tub, if used correctly. This article provides an overview of how to use chlorine tablets in a hot tub, compiles of all information you need to keep your tub safe and clean.

What Are Chlorine Tablets?

Chlorine tablets, also known as chlorine sticks or spa chlorine, are a slow-dissolving concentrated version of pool chlorine. Both pool and hot tub chlorine are stabilized and have a long-lasting effect in water, making it ideal for hot tubs and spas that have a lower turnover rate than swimming pools, thus making it more cost-effective and efficient. In addition, these tablets dissolve slowly, releasing chlorine into the water gradually, while leaving a minimal amount of residue behind in the water.

Beneficial Properties of Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine tablets typically contain other useful additives such as algaecides, clarifiers, and enzymes. Unlike other forms of chlorine, the tablets are stabilized and avoid the water from being overwhelmed with too much chlorine. Some tablets are designed to dissolve in your hot tub’s filter and provide shock treatments designed to rid the water of contaminants.

How to Add Chlorine Tablets to a Hot Tub?

Before adding chlorine tablets to a hot tub, check the chemical levels in the water. If the chemical levels are off balance, adjust them first before adding the chlorine and other chemicals. To add chlorine tablets to a hot tub, place the tablets directly into the skimmer or use the chlorine floater. Chlorine tablets will slowly dissolve over time and provide a continuous source of chlorine over several days or weeks. It is important to check chemical levels regularly and adjust the tablets as needed.

How Much Chlorine to Add?

The amount of chlorine tablets you should add depends on the size of your hot tub or spa, and the water chemistry. Generally, it is recommended to add 2-3 chlorine tablets a week as a preventative measure; if you are experiencing issues with algae or bacteria, more tablets may be needed. It is important to test the water chemistry and adjust the chlorine tablets as needed.

Other Tips for Using Chlorine Tablets

– Always use high-quality chlorine tablets that are specifically designed for hot tub use in order to maximize their effectiveness.

– Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for dosage, as some tablets are stronger than others and require different amounts in order to be effective.

– Make sure to check the chemical balance of the water before and after adding chlorine tablets to ensure the correct levels are present.

– Change the hot tub filter regularly and shock treat the water at least once a month to maintain proper sanitization.

People Also Ask

Can I Put Chlorine Tablets in My Hot Tub?

Yes, chlorine tablets can be used in hot tubs to sanitize the water and keep bacteria and algae growth at bay.

How Long Does Chlorine Stay in Hot Tub?

Chlorine tablets stay in hot tubs for around a week, depending on the tablets used, how often the hot tub is used, and other factors. It is important to check the water chemistry to ensure the chlorine levels remain at safe levels.

Do I Have to Use Chlorine in My Hot Tub?

Yes, in order to keep the water in your hot tub safe and sanitary, chlorine should be used to fight bacteria and algae growth.

Do I Need to pH Balance a Hot Tub?

Yes, pH balancing is important for hot tubs, as it helps to ensure the chlorine is effective. Testing the water every week and using pH balancing products is necessary to maintain safe levels.

Final Words

Using chlorine tablets to maintain your hot tub or spa can be a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution to keeping the water clean and safe. By checking chemical levels regularly and adjusting the chlorine tablets accordingly, you can ensure your hot tub is sanitized and safe for use.