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Soaking up the sun and taking a refreshing dip in your Intex pool is one of the most fulfilling activities of summer. But, if you want to ensure your pool remains crystal clear and in a good condition all season long, proper pool care is essential. This guide will provide you easy to follow tips on how to maintain and care for your Intex pool and how to keep it looking great for years to come.

Regular Maintenance

Skim and Brush

To keep your Intex pool clean and free of debris, it is recommended to skim the surface with a pool skimmer net at least twice a week. This will prevent weather-related debris such as leaves and twigs from sinking to the bottom of the pool and clogging up the filter. Regularly brushing the walls of your Intex pool will also help keep algae and grime away and make the maintenance process much easier.

Check the Water Chemistry

Ensuring the water chemistry balance of your Intex pool is up to standard is an important aspect of pool maintenance. This includes a range of factors such as pH, chlorine, alkalinity, and stabiliser levels. Make sure to measure these values accurately with a pool water testing kit and adjust levels as needed to keep them balanced.

Clean the Filters

Your pool filters will be overworked if not regularly maintained. Clean the pool filter at least twice a month to ensure their proper functionality. Depending on the type of filter, you might need to perform cartridge replacements, backwashing, and chemical washes. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent any potential problems.

Winterizing Your Pool

Clean the Pool Thoroughly

A thorough cleaning is required before winterizing the pool. This includes skimming the pool surface, brushing the walls, vacuuming the bottom, and cleaning any debris from the pool skirts. Doing this will reduce the amount of maintenance required when you reopen the pool for the next season.

Lower the Water Level

Lower the water level to below the skimmer outlet. This helps to prevent potential cracking caused by water expanding in cold weather. It will also prevent water from accumulating on the skimmer lid or the pool cover, which can cause the pool to become unbalanced.

Empty the Pump and Filter Equipment

If your pool has a sand filter or cartridge filter, be sure to empty them before the winter months arrive. This removes any water molecules that could result in cracking during the cold weather. If your pool has a filtration system with Polaris three wheeler, make sure to empty the Polaris bag and pump as well.

Pool Safety and Supervision

Install the Proper Barriers

To ensure the safety of anyone using your Intex pool, it is important to install protective barriers that meet your local county and state codes. This includes making sure the ladder is securely in place and cannot be pulled away, as well as having a proper pool cover.

Tile and Border Maintenance

If your Intex pool is equipped with tile and border coping, regular maintenance is essential. This includes checking for any loose tiles and replacing cracked or broken pieces before they lead to bigger problems. The tiles also need to be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and debris.

Swim Supervision

Finally, it is important to always supervise anyone swimming in your Intex pool. Put signs and fences around your pool with ‘No Unsupervised Swimming’ warnings. Institute a strict ‘No Swimming Alone’ policy and make sure children are never allowed in the pool unattended.

People Also Ask

What chemicals do I need for an Intex pool?

The most important chemicals to maintain the water in your Intex pool are chlorine, bromine, shock or chlorine-free shock, pH balancer, algaecide, and stain and scale remover.

Is it difficult to maintain an Intex pool?

If you are familiar with basic Intex pool maintenance approaches, no, it is not difficult to maintain an Intex pool. Regular skimming, brushing the walls, checking the water chemistry balance, and cleaning the pool filters are some basics steps to keep your Intex pool functioning and looking in optimal condition.

What is a good pH level for an Intex swimming pool?

To keep your Intex swimming pool in good shape and protect swimmers from any skin irritations, it is recommended to maintain the pH level of the water between 7.2 and 7.8.

How often should I empty my Intex pool filter?

It depends on the type of filter and the amount of debris in the pool. Sand filters and cartridge filters should be emptied at least twice a month, while a Polaris or suction side filter should be emptied every few weeks.

How often should I shock my Intex pool?

It’s recommended to shock your Intex pool at least once a week. This will keep bacteria levels from getting too high and keep your pool water clean and free of any chlorine by-products.

Final Words

Maintaining an Intex pool doesn’t have to be a challenge. With proper maintenance and regular checks, it’s never been easier to keep your pool clean, safe and up to standard. Alongside following this guide, it’s also important to read the owner’s manual and understand the instructions carefully. As long as you follow the safety guidelines and regular maintenance steps we discussed in this guide, your pool will be ready to use all season long.