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There’s no question that family time is an important part of a happy and healthy home. But with so many distractions in life, it can often be difficult to find the time to just be together and make memories. One fun and exciting way to prioritize family time is by investing in a hot tub. Having access to a backyard oasis for relaxing, laughing, and reminiscing can be a great way to reconnect and create special memories. Below are 7 tips for using a hot tub to make lasting memories with your family.

1. Schedule a Time For Relaxation

Just like it’s important to schedule in family dinners or special outings, it’s also important to schedule specific times for relaxation. Setting aside a certain day each week or a certain hour each day to devote to quality family time in the hot tub can help establish a new family tradition. Being consistent with setting aside relaxation time will help keep the habit alive and make special memories.

Create a Standard Pre-Hot Tub Ritual

Before settling into the hot tub, make sure that everyone is on the same page about the rules. These will vary depending on the family, but some examples could include not allowed to use phones or having to shower before getting in. These simple rules will allow for distraction-free family time.

Provide Music and Refreshments

When preparing for family time in the hot tub, it helps to create a relaxing atmosphere. Some Ideas for passing the time include bringing refreshments such as iced tea or lemonade, playing a family game or reading a book. Music can also be a great addition to create a calm ambiance.

2. De-Stress and Reconnect

Time spent in the hot tub can be a great way to de-stress and connect with one another. Ask family members to take turns sharing a positive or funny experience from the week gone by or to simply talk about their day. Taking this time to relax and get caught up with each other can be a great way to improve communication and forge stronger relationships.

Take Breaks Every 15 Minutes or So

After a certain amount of time, the lines of communication can start to feel strained and the conversation can start to seem forced. Taking some time to relax without talking can help during these times. This break can be used for people to just sit and enjoy the warm water or to practice mindful breathing.

Re-Start the Conversation Naturally

When the conversation runs dry, reignite it by asking a few simple questions such as what music makes you feel most relaxed or what color you would choose for the hot tub if you could redo it. Start the conversation off light, and it’ll soon develop into more meaningful topics.

3. Spend Quality Time Together

Time alone in the hot tub may not be the most memorable activity, but planning an activity specifically for the hot tub is the best way to make sure that everyone is engaged and having fun. Whether it’s playing hot tub volleyball or just engaging in a family game night, keeping everyone entertained and laughing can go a long way in making special memories.

Maintain A Positive Attitude

No matter the activity, make sure to maintain a positive attitude. Having a positive outlook can contribute to everyone’s comfort and make the time spent together more enjoyable. Encourage positivity in the hot tub by sharing experiences and reflections from the day or week.

Take Pictures For Lasting Memories

After spending quality time in the hot tub, capture the fun and the laughter with a few pictures. Re-living the memories by looking through them can bring a family closer together. Print the pictures out or create a digital album – either way make sure to cherish the moments you shared together.

4. Make Hot Tubbing a Part of Your Routine

The best way to make sure that quality family time in the hot tub is a priority is by incorporating it into your regular routine. The familiarity of having a designated hot tub time can remind everyone how valuable the memories made can be.

Get Everyone Excited for Hot Tub Time

The whole family will be more willing to participate if everyone is on board. Whether its rewards for completing chores or simple reminders throughout the day, make sure the excitement for family time remains high.

Make Hot Tubbing a Priority

It’s understandable that life can get in the way of scheduling. Whenever possible, prioritize the hot tub time over other activities. Spend the time talking, laughing or simply enjoying each others company.

With the tips above, hot tubbing can be a great way to make lasting memories with your family. From establishing a routine to providing refreshments, there are many ways to make the most of your hot tub. Prioritize your family with hot tub relaxation and let the lasting memories be the reward.

People Also Ask

What are some good hot tub activities?

Some good activities for a hot tub can include hot tub volleyball, giant checkers, a hot tub poker tournament, and singing karaoke.

How often should you use a hot tub?

It’s generally recommended to use a hot tub 3-4 days per week for no more than 15-30 minutes at a time.

What should I wear in a hot tub?

For hygienic and safety reasons, it’s always best to wear proper swimwear when entering a hot tub.

Is hot tub water bad for your skin?

Under the right conditions, hot tubs can actually be great for your skin and overall health. Hot tubs increase circulation and help detox the body.

How much does it cost to own and run a hot tub?

The initial cost of a hot tub can range from $2,000 to $20,000+, depending on the size and features. Monthly expenses for running a hot tub can range from $36 to $110, depending on use.

Final Words

Making memories with a hot tub is a great way to stay connected with your family and prioritize quality time. By setting a schedule for relaxation, providing refreshments and participating in activities, you can ensure that you’re making the most of your hot tub sessions. Hot tubbing should be a part of your routine that everyone looks forward to. Look forward to colder months and making memories in the hot tub.