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Our Favorite Swim Spa Backyard Ideas of 2023

It’s not much of a surprise that most people are looking to upgrade their backyards this year. When it comes to backyard upgrades, swim spa designs top the list of popular requests. A backyard swim spa can turn your backyard into an instant oasis—combining the therapeutic and relaxation benefits of an indoor pool with the affordability and convenience of an outdoor hot tub. They’re perfect for any size backyard and provide the perfect spot for family games, relaxation, and summer fun. Here, we’ll share some of our favorite swim spa backyard ideas for 2023.

Spa Pool Additions

A Natural Look

One of the most popular design options when it comes to swim spas is to incorporate a natural look. Plant a few trees or shrubs around the swim spa to create a natural border. This adds a touch of privacy and creates a beautiful, natural ambiance. You can also incorporate a few stone tiles or a sunken bench within the swim spa for an added touch of style.

A Hot Tub Deck

Surrounding the swim spa with a hot tub deck is also a great way to make your swim spa stand out. Consider a composite decking material, as it is a low-maintenance, durable and eco-friendly option. Add outdoor seating, a fire pit, and several outdoor string lights to provide a comforting and inviting atmosphere.

Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Add A Patio

Adding a patio to your swim spa allows your backyard to become a perfect place for entertaining. Consider adding a pergola to provide some shade and create a cozy feel. You can also add a few tables and chairs, as well as an outdoor grill or bar to make the area more inviting. Make the most of this space by adding a fire pit or a tiki bar.

Maximize With Lighting

Enhance your entertaining space with some decorative lighting. LED lights and strings of lights will give the area an extra special glow to enhance your leisure experience. Make sure to use waterproof lights that are safe to use around water.

Spa-Like Amenities


Adding a gazebo to your backyard swim spa can provide the perfect place to enjoy a spa-like experience. Place comfortable chairs or benches in the gazebo and create a scenic view that’s perfect for relaxation. You can also enhance the area with some wall hangings and plants.

Dips & Drinks Nooks

Adding a dipping or drink nook is a great way to enhance your swim spa. This is a fantastic way to cool off in the hot summer months. Place a few chairs or loungers around the nook, and add a mini-fridge for drinks and snacks.

Other Design Updates

Landscaping & Decor

Create a beautiful landscape when making your swim spa backyard design. Choose plants such as shrubs, grasses, or hanging plants to provide an added layer of beauty and privacy. Incorporate decorations such as strings of lights, wind chimes, and outdoor art pieces to enhance the aesthetic of your backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you have the space and budget for it, adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard swim spa can be a great option. An outdoor kitchen can provide you with a beautiful and functional space to entertain. Make sure to install high-quality appliances that are safe to use around water.

People also Ask

What type of plants should I use around a swim spa?

Shrubs, grasses and hanging plants are the best plants to use for a swim spa design. They require less maintenance and provide a layer of privacy.

Can I add an outdoor kitchen to a swim spa?

Yes, you can add an outdoor kitchen to your swim spa. Make sure to install high-quality, waterproof appliances to ensure your swim spa stays safe.

What type of lighting should I use for my swim spa?

LED lights, strings of lights and waterproof lights are the best lighting options to use around a swim spa. They are energy-efficient and provide long-lasting illumination.

Can I add a hot tub deck to my swim spa?

Yes, you can add a hot tub deck to your swim spa. Consider composite decking, as it is a low-maintenance, durable, and eco-friendly option.

Final Words

Swim spa designs offer an excellent way to upgrade your backyard. Incorporating a few special features such as plants, water features, and patio will make your swim spa the perfect spot for relaxation, family games, and summer fun. By incorporating a few of our favorite swim spa backyard ideas, you’ll be sure to have a backyard that’s out of this world.