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Should I Shower Before and After Using My Hot Tub?

The use of a hot tub can provide relaxation, improved body health, and fun for anyone that decides to get in. But it’s not all pleasurable, as there are certain measures that must be taken in order to visit the hot tub the right way and benefit from the experience. To ensure the utmost etiquette is practiced and that the water stays clean and hygienic, the answer to the question of ‘’ is a resounding yes.

Reasons To Take A Pre-Hot Tub Shower

Remove Sweat and Natural Oils

Sweating in the hot tub water isn’t enjoyable, and it also causes the pH levels of the water to fluctuate. If the balance of the water’s pH becomes disrupted, any bacteria and other microbial life can start to develop. So to avoid that, it’s a good idea to give yourself a shower before getting in. This will not only remove sweat, but also those natural oils that stay on the skin and which, if released into the tub, will also disrupt the water’s balance.

Protect Yourself from Infection

When using a public hot tub or visiting a facility or a hotel, you can’t be sure that the water is free of unwanted microorganisms, especially given that a disinfectant needs time to take actions against them. When you take a shower beforehand, you reduce the risk of infection and you prevent the water from becoming dirtier even more quickly.

Avoid Algae Formation

When getting into a hot tub, the oils and dirt present on your skin will, once again, disrupt the pH balance of the hot tub water, making it a great environment for the growth of algae. Taking a shower before you enter the tub will ensure that you don’t contribute to furthering this problem, as the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-mildew properties of your soap will act as a barrier against the formation up of any algae whatsoever.

Reasons To Take A Post-Hot Tub Shower

Washing Away Bacteria, Fungi, and Other Contaminants

By showering off with the water’s disinfectant on you, you wash away any bacteria, fungi, and other contaminants that those disinfectants may have stopped. Getting rid of these from your body is a great idea, as they can be dangerous to your health if left to linger on your skin.

Removing Chemicals from Your Body

Most hot tubs are treated with chlorine or bromine, both of which are amazing at keeping the water clean and bacteria-free. If the recommended dosage is not respected or monthly maintenance is skipped, however, these chemicals can become detrimental for your skin, eyes, and even throat. After a session of hot tubbing, head to the shower to be rid of those chemicals and make sure that no ill effect will be felt by them staying on your skin.

Bath Waters Quality Increase

Finally, and in the case of those that opt to feature a hot tub in their home, it’s good practice to take a shower after use to ensure that the quality of the water in the bathtub stays up. Even if the water is the same, it’s never a bad idea to get rid of the sweat, oils, and bacteria that may have found their way into the tub before you make your way in to have a bath.

People Also Ask

Do You Need to Shower Before and After Swimming?

It is recommended to shower before and after swimming or using a hot tub, to keep the water clean and to prevent the spread of bacteria and other microorganisms.

How Long Should You Wait To Shower After Entering a Hot Tub?

It is best to wait until after you are done using the hot tub before showering so that the chemicals from the shower don’t mix with disinfectants in the hot tub.

Is It Mandatory to Take a Shower Before Entering a Hot Tub?

It is not mandatory to take a shower before entering a hot tub, but it is strongly recommended to reduce the risk of spreading bacteria, maintain pH levels and prevent the growth of algae within the hot tub.

How Long Can You Stay in a Hot Tub?

Most people should stay no more than 15 to 20 minutes in one session when using a hot tub.

Final Words

Above everything else, it all comes down to being polite to your hot tub and all future users and taking care of yourself. Taking a quick shower before and after your hot tub session will ensure that you not only get the most out of the experience but that you also make sure your hot tub is still a pleasant place to be for the times to come.