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With the emergence of a more sustainable lifestyle, the idea of using solar pool covers has become increasingly popular. With the promise of reduced costs and a more eco-friendly pool solution, using solar covers have become a popular choice for pool owners in the year 2023. With a variety of options, it can be difficult to find the best solar pool cover to fit your lifestyle and needs. This article delves into the various options available, along with their pros and cons, to help you make an informed decision and find the best solar pool cover for your pool in 2023.

Main Headlines

1. Benefits of Using Solar Pool Covers in 2023

Using solar pool covers offers many benefits for pool owners in 2023. Solar covers work to reduce heat and water loss from the pool, saving pool owners up to 70% in water, heating, and chemical costs. They also play a role in helping pools stay cleaner by blocking out dirt and debris and trapping heat, allowing pools to warm up faster and extend pool season. Additionally, they can help protect pools from effects of wind, preventing evaporation and resulting in a better, more efficient pool experience overall.

1.1 Reduced Costs

Solar pool covers are one of the most economical choice pool owners have available to them, as they drastically reduce heating and water loss from evaporating. On average, installing a solar pool cover can save pool owners up to 70% in water, heating, and chemical costs.

1.2 Protection from the Elements

Solar pool covers provide added protection from the sun, wind, and debris. The cover acts as a barrier against the sun’s harmful rays, reducing heat loss and allowing pools to keep their desired heat level. In addition, the cover helps protect pools from the elements, preventing evaporation and keeping it cleaner for longer.

1.3 Longer Pool Season

The use of solar pool covers can help extend pool season. The cover will help generate and lock in heat, letting the pool warm up faster and giving pool owners more time to enjoy swimming and other activities in the pool.

2. Types of Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. It is important to decide on the type of material that best suits your needs and lifestyle. The three main types of pool covers include bubble covers, solid covers, and liquid covers.

2.1 Bubble Covers

Bubble covers are made from a lightweight plastic that is designed to trap the heat of the pool and retain the heat overnight. This type of cover is often chosen due to its relatively affordable cost and rigid structure, which helps prevent damage from strong winds or other elements.

2.2 Solid Covers

Solid pool covers are usually made of strong, durable vinyl, that may be reinforced or laminated with a protective layer on one side. This type of cover is extremely durable and will protect the pool from all types of dirt, debris, and wind. Solid covers are often more expensive than bubble covers but may be a better long-term investment for those with larger pools.

2.3 Liquid Covers

Liquid pool covers are a unique type of pool cover that is quickly becoming popular among pool owners due to its versatility. This type of cover is typically a clear liquid that is applied over the pool and forms a protective barrier on the surface. This type of cover is the most costly option but provides the most efficient heat retention for pools in cold climates.


The best solar pool covers in 2023 vary depending on the shape, size, and climate of the pool. Here are some of the top contenders for the best solar covers this year:

3.1 Harris Solar-Lux

This cover is 11 mil thick, providing maximum heat retention and longer pool season. It is designed to fit most standard-sized pools and comes with a long-term warranty.

3.2 Intex Solar Cover

This cover is easy to install and comes with a patented air pockets design, that helps retain heat and block dirt and debris from entering the pool. This cover is suitable for both above-ground and in-ground pools.

3.3 Blue Wave Solar Blanket

This cover is made from 8 mil polyethylene sheets and air bubbles that help retain heat and block dirt and debris from entering the pool. This cover is suitable for both above-ground and in-ground pools of various shapes and sizes.

4. Maintenance for Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers require regular maintenance in order to stay in top condition. Here are some tips on how to properly maintain a solar pool cover:

4.1 Cleaning and Washing

It is important to rinse off the cover and remove any dirt, debris, or leaves as they may hamper the cover’s efficiency. You should also check the cover regularly and make sure there are no wrinkles and it is properly secured.

4.2 Repair and Replacement

If the cover is damaged, it is recommended to replace the cover instead of attempting to repair it. This is because patching holes or cracks may result in compromising the cover’s efficiency and heat-trapping capabilities.

4.3 Storage and Folding

When storing the solar pool cover, be sure to fold and store it properly in an area away from direct sunlight or rain. Also, it is important to not fold the cover too tightly as this may lead to creasing and tearing.

5. People Also Ask

Q: How Much Does a Solar Pool Cover Cost?

The cost of a solar pool cover depends on the type and size of the pool. On average, a standard-sized solar pool cover can cost anywhere from $50 to $500.

Q: How Often Should You Replace a Solar Pool Cover?

It is recommended to replace a solar pool cover every 3-5 years depending on the level of usage and how well it is maintained.

Q: Are Solar Pool Covers Effective?

Yes, solar pool covers are very effective in reducing water and heating costs, extending pool season, and helping pools stay cleaner.

Q: What Is the Best Solar Pool Cover?

The best solar pool cover is one that fits your pool size and climate, such as Harris Solar-Lux, Intex Solar Cover, and Blue Wave Solar Blanket.

Q: How Do You Secure a Solar Pool Cover?

Securing a solar pool cover depends on the type and size of the pool, but is usually done with the help of a winch, web loops, or a cinch clip.

Final Words

Solar pool covers are an excellent way to reduce costs, provide added protection from the elements, and extend pool season for pool owners in 2023. With the variety of materials, shapes, and sizes available, deciding on the perfect solar pool cover for your pool can be difficult. Be sure to research and know your options in order to find the best solar pool cover suited for your lifestyle and needs in 2023.