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Buying a spa is an exciting experience, but it comes with many important decisions that must be made. One of these decisions is the type of jets you will install in your spa. Knowing what to look for in jets is essential for ensuring that you purchase a spa that will provide the perfect combination of hydrotherapy and relaxation. This article will provide information about jets and their features, so you can make an informed decision when buying a spa.

Types of Jets

Hydrotherapy Jets

Hydrotherapy jets are designed to provide more intense massage effects than traditional jets. With adjustable settings and multiple pressure levels, these jets can be used for treating a variety of ailments such as muscle pain and stiffness. They can also be used to alleviate stress and tension. These jets usually have larger orifices, which make them great for deep tissue massages.

Energy Efficient Jets

Energy efficient jets offer a great combination of power and efficiency. By using low-voltage motors and flow controls, these jets can provide a powerful massage while reducing the energy consumption of your spa. They are also quieter than traditional jets, making them ideal for quiet relaxation.

Rotational Jets

Rotational jets are designed to provide a gentle swirling action to soothe and relax tense muscles. These jets are often adjustable, allowing you to change the intensity and direction of the massage. The jets can also be used to provide an invigorating experience.

Directable Jets

Directable jets are designed for pinpoint accuracy. With just a few turns, you can point the jets in the exact direction you need. This allows you to comfortably relax and receive a full body massage from the jets.

Tips for Choosing Jets

Consider Your Needs

When choosing jets for your spa, it is important to consider your needs. Ask yourself what type of massage you want and how intense you want it to be. Also consider how many people will be using the spa and what type of relief they are looking for.

Think About Placement

Before installing any jets in your spa, you must consider where they will be placed. Some jets are designed to be placed lower in the spa, while others are designed to be placed higher. Make sure to consider the placement of the jets before installing them so you can ensure maximum efficiency.

Know What Style of Jets You Prefer

Each type of jet offers a different massage experience. Do your research to determine what style of jet you prefer and what type of massage it will provide. This way, you can make sure that you buy a spa with the jets that best suit your massage needs.

People Also Ask

What type of jets are best for therapy?

Hydrotherapy jets are best for therapy since they offer adjustable levels of pressure and multiple intensity settings.

What type of jets provide a powerful massage?

Energy efficient jets provide a powerful massage, as they use low-voltage motors and flow controls.

Are directable jets adjustable?

Yes, directable jets are adjustable, allowing you to change the direction and intensity of the massage.

How do I choose the right jets for my spa?

Think about the massage you want and how many people will be using the spa. Consider the placement of the jets before installing them. Lastly, research and know what style of jets you prefer for the best massage.

What other features should I look for in a spa?

When choosing a spa, look for features such as a built-in heater, adjustable jets and a seating area. Also, look for an energy-efficient model with a long warranty and reliable customer service.

Final Words

The type of jets you choose is important when it comes to buying a spa. Knowing what type of jets are best for your massage needs will ensure that you purchase a spa that provides the perfect combination of relaxation and hydrotherapy. With the right features and jets, you can be sure to enjoy many years of rest and relaxation in your spa.