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Your Teenager and Your Hot Tub: Preparing for Summer Safety and Fun


As the weather warms and Spring transitions into Summer, temperatures rise, and pools and hot tubs become inviting options for families to enjoy. As part of your family’s summer plan, if you have or are about to invest in a hot tub, you want to make sure the experience is safe as well as fun for your whole family. With teenagers, this could be a great opportunity to instill some healthy behavior patterns, yet you also want to be mindful of safety and potential risks. Read on to learn about how to enjoy the hot tub with your teen in the safest and most informed manner.

Appropriate Age for Hot Tub Use

It is important to differentiate the appropriate age for use depending on the hot tub in question—whether it is a larger, more commercial hot tub versus one in a more domestic setting. Generally speaking, commercial hot tubs require users to be 16 years or older. For more at-home hot tubs, the guidelines are variable depending on the user’s swimming ability and floatation experience, as well as the parent’s assessment of the teen’s safety behavior.

Swim Test and Floatation Devices

In any instance, it is highly recommended that a swim test is done to assess the teen’s floating and swimming ability before permitting any use of the hot tub. If the teen passes the swim test and can effectively swim, parents can consider allowing them to use the hot tub with a buddy. Additionally, it is recommended that any time the hot tub is being used, appropriate floatation devices (life jackets or swim tubes) should also be employed.

Hot Tub Rules and Regulations

Just like any other activity involving water, guidelines—specifically hot tub rules—should be discussed and agreed upon before allowing teens or any other family members to use the hot tub. These rules typically involve such things such as conducting swim tests, staying with a budy, no running, and never using the hot tub unaccompanied. Furthermore, creating a specific amount of designated time for using the hot tub is also a key factor. For example, allowing 10-15 minutes in the hot tub for each person at a portion of the day (e.g., after dinner) is a good way to adhere to safety policies as well as keep any existing hot tub etiquette.

Additional Safety Issues to Consider

There are a few other minor yet important safety measures to consider when it comes to teenagers and hot tubs. First, the ideal temperature should usually range between 98 and 104 degrees in order to ensure safety standards. Also, ensure the hot tub has been cleaned and properly serviced. This may involve, amongst other considerations, removing any debris, checking the pH level (ideally between 7.2 to 7.6), checking the balance of Calcium Hardness and Total Alkalinity, verifying the filter is working properly, and of course, checking the general cleanliness of the spa.

Educating Your Teen on Hot tub Safety

The responsibility for safety on hot tub use does not just rest on the parents. It is important to also educate your teen about hot tub safety and reinforce any guidelines or behaviors regarding the hot tub. Additionally, emphasizing other safety factors, such as never forcing someone to use the hot tub or leave it quickly, and informing them of any underlying health risks (e.g., impacts on blood pressure, pregnancy, etc.) are important parts of this process.

People Also Ask

Is it safe to bring my teenager in a hot tub?

Yes, it can be safe to bring your teenager in a hot tub provided all safety measures and regulations are met. This includes such things as ensuring the temperature is no higher than 104 degrees, the pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6, and all cleanliness policies have been met.

What is the minimum age for using a hot tub?

The minimum age for using a hot tub is usually 16 years. However, in domestic settings, a parent can assess the swimming ability of their teen and permit usage as they evaluate it appropriate to do so.

What are the risks associated with teen hot tub use?

The risks associated with hot tub use are typical of any other aquatic activity. These include potential injury due to slips, falls, natural elements, and even excessive time in the hot tub that could result in heat strokes or low blood pressure.

How can I ensure my teens use the hot tub safely?

Ensuring your teens use the hot tub safely involves several considerations. Firstly, conducting a swim test and enforcing a buddy system is ideal. Additionally, establishing hot tub rules, reinforcing any safety issues with teens, and confirming the temperature and cleanliness policies have been met goes a long way in securing safe usage of the hot tub.

Final Words

To give your teens the enjoyment of a hot tub without compromising any safety issues or risks, it is essential to evaluate the field of safety measures listed in this article. Making sure teens are aware of the potential risks and true scope of safety policies is key to a healthy and safe hot tub experience.