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Do you want to make your hot tub time more interesting, beneficial, and relaxing? With five easy hot tub exercises, you can easily tone up and energize your body – without having to leave the comfort of your bubble-filled sanctuary. Look no further than this guide for the five easiest hot tub exercises that you can try today.

1. Ankle Rolls

Ankle rolls are excellent for loosening up your ankles and calves before you start your workout. Think of it as a basic warm-up before you dive into more complicated exercises. To do this exercise, sit on the edge of the hot tub and place your feet flat on the bottom. Then, slowly rotate your ankles in a circular motion. You can do this for 10 times on each foot.


To increase the intensity of this exercise, you can use a noodle or pool float to help increase the range of motion. Stand up and place one end of the float behind your knee and the other end behind your foot. Then, rotate your way into a squat while making sure that your feet stay firmly on the float. For an even deeper stretch, you can hold the squat for 10 seconds on each side before you switch.

2. Modified Push-Ups

Push-ups are an excellent exercise for working out your arms, shoulders and chest, and you can easily modify them so that you can perform them safely in a hot tub. To do this exercise, place your hands on the edge of the hot tub and utilize the tub’s current to make your body hover in a push-up position. Once you’re in the perfect position, start pushing your body down slowly and then back up. Aim for three sets of ten with a resting period of 20 seconds in between.


Make this exercise more challenging by increasing the current’s force. You can also keep your body weight on your toes so that you are more engaged with the exercise.

3. Squats

Squats are great for toning up your glutes and hamstring without exerting too much stress on your body. Start by standing straight with your feet hip-width apart and your arms down at your sides. Shift your body weight to your heels while you bend your knees and lower your body into a squat. Hold the position for five seconds before you slowly return to your starting position. You can do three sets of ten with a 20-second break in between.


For a more intense workout, use a pool float as an added weight. Hold the float in front of your chest while doing the squat. You can also try single-leg squats while having the pool float overhead.

4. Glider Lunges

Glider lunges are perfect for toning and tightening your quads and improving your balance. Stand with your feet together and place one end of the pool float securely under one of your feet. Push off with your foot and glide forward as you bend your knee into a lunge position. Touch the bottom with your hands before you glide back and return to your starting position. Repeat on the same side for about 10 times, then switch.


To add more intensity to this exercise, try keeping your leg bent while you move back and forth. You can also try crisscrossing your leg with the float to target different muscle groups.

5. Core Twists

Core twists target your obliques and help you develop strong abs and a toned middle section. To do this exercise, grab the two ends of the pool float and keep it as close to your belly button as you can. Start by pushing the float away from your body as you rotate and twist to the right. Touch the edge of the hot tub before you switch and twist to the left. Make sure to keep your back straight and engage your core muscles as you twist. Aim for ten twists on each side, alternating from side to side.


To make this exercise harder, you can try using only one arm to twist and hold the pool float. This will challenge your coordination and stability as you rotate.

People also ask

Q: What muscles do hot tub exercises target?

Hot tub exercises can target muscles in your legs, arms, shoulders, chest, core, and glutes.

Q: Are there other hot tub exercises?

Yes, there are many other hot tub exercises that can help you tone and strengthen your body. Examples include leg lifts, tricep dips, and pool plank.

Q: Can I do hot tub exercises every day?

Depends on your fitness level and what kind of exercise you are doing. You can generally do some forms of hot tub exercises every day, but it is recommended that you listen to your body and take breaks when needed.

Q: Are there any risks associated with hot tub exercises?

Hot tub exercises can present risks such as overheating and dehydration if not done properly. Make sure to stay hydrated and use caution when performing these exercises.

Q: What should I wear when doing hot tub exercises?

It is recommended that you wear a swimsuit or light gym clothes when performing hot tub exercises. Avoid wearing heavy-duty clothing such as denim jeans as they can cause discomfort.

Final Words

Hot tub exercises are a great way to tone and strengthen your body while also pampering yourself. With these five easy exercises, you can get all the benefits of a regular workout while also enjoying the relaxing and meditative effects of the hot tub. Start today and start seeing the results in no time!