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Many people find cleaning their spa tubs a daunting and time-consuming task that they tend to forget or put off. However, with a few simple tips and some know-how, keeping your antiseptic spa clean can be done in a flash, leaving you with a sparkling spa you and your guests can enjoy. Here are five spa cleaning tips to help you make this chore a little more enjoyable.

1. Test the pH Levels

Check the pH of The Water

Before starting to clean your spa, the first step should always be to check the pH of your spa’s water. pH is essentially how acidic or alkaline your water is, which can severely impact its sanitizing power. The ideal pH range for spa water lies between 7.2 and 7.6 and can be easily tested using a strip, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

Adjust Waters pH If Needed

If the results of the pH strip tests reveal your water to be outside of the ideal range, it can be easily adjusted with the addition of chemicals. For example, if your water tests to be too alkaline, acid can be added, and vice versa.

2. Ensure Proper Sanitation

Sanitize the Spa Water Weekly

Once your pH level is in check, it is important to ensure proper sanitation. To do this, it is recommended to treat your spa water with a sanitizing chemical like chlorine or bromine at least once a week, including when the spa is turned off for long periods of time. Not doing this can lead to the violation of health code regulations that mandate sanitary public spa environments, while also leading to unsightly water.

Change the Sanitizer Whenever Needed

In addition, it is important to watch for build up of the sanitizer in the water, as too much of the chemical can lead to harmful spa environments. If you start to see signs of chemical build up, like a burning smell or red eyes, it is time to replace the sanitizer by draining and refilling the spa.

3. Clean the Surfaces

Vacuum the Bottom

In addition to the water, the surfaces of the spa tub should also be cleaned on a weekly basis. To do this, start by vacuuming the bottom of the spa, sucking up any loose debris that has accumulated. It is important not to forget the edges and corners of the spa, as these can be forgotten and overlooked quickly. Using a stiff brush or tile scrubber can help with any tougher spots.

Wipe Down the Surfaces and Jets

After vacuuming the bottom, you should move on to wiping down the surfaces of the spa, such as the side walls, benches, and stairs. Dampen a towel with soapy water and make sure to get every corner, paying attention to any deposits or dirt that has clung to the surface. Finally, use the same towel and some cleaning liquid to wipe down the jets and other functions of the spa.

4. Clean the Filters

Clean the Filter Cartridge Each Month

Cleaning the filters should also be done monthly. To clean a filter cartridge, remove it from the spa, rinse it off thoroughly with a garden hose or sprayer. Then, place it in a bucket filled with cleaning liquid and allow it to soak for at least four hours. Household detergents can be used here, but it’s important to check if the detergent contains lanolin or any other insoluble oil. This could lead to the clogging of your filter.

Backwash the Pump Each Month

In addition to the cartridge, the pump should be backwashed every month. This can be done by locating the backwash valve, shifting it to backwash, and allowing the water to run through until the water coming from the backwash is clear. When finished, shift the valve back to its original position.

5. Deep Clean Every Three Months

Draining the Tub

Finally, it is important to perform a deep clean on your spa tub every three months. This deep clean will involve completely draining the tub and refilling it with fresh water and sanitizer, as well as scrubbing every surface and jet to ensure that no debris has been missed.

Replace the Filters Every 6 Months

In addition, it is recommended to replace the filters every six months. This can be done by purchasing a new cartridge from your local hardware store and replacing the existing one with the new one.

People Also Ask

1. How often should you clean a spa?

It is recommended to clean a spa weekly to ensure proper sanitation, monthly to clean the filters, and every three months to perform a deep clean.

2. What is the best way to clean a spa?

The best way to clean a spa is to check the pH levels, ensure proper sanitation, clean the surfaces, backwash the filters, and perform a deep clean every three months.

3. Will vinegar damage a hot tub?

Using vinegar to clean a hot tub can lead to a higher pH level in the spa, so it is not recommended.

4. Does shock help a hot tub?

Yes, shock helps to clean a hot tub by restoring its chlorine or bromine level and improving its sanitation.

5. Should you cover a hot tub when not in use?

Yes, it is recommended to cover a hot tub when not in use to reduce evaporation, chemical loss, and dirt from getting in the water.

Final Words

Cleaning your spa does not have to be daunting. Following these five simple tips can help to make spa cleaning fast and easy, and can leave you with a sparkling, clean spa tub that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe to use.