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Having a hot tub delivered to your house can be an overwhelming experience. From picking out the perfect tub to having it set up and running, there are a lot of steps involved to make sure the whole process runs as smoothly as possible. To help make the process easier, here are seven tips to ensure a successful and stress-free hot tub delivery.

1. Do Your Research

Before embarking on your hot tub journey, make sure to do your research. Spend time researching various hot tub models to find the perfect one for you and your backyard. Consider factors such as size, style, seating, access panels, and other features to make sure you get the ideal tub. Additionally, take a look at warranties to compare quality and coverage.

A. Mood Board

Creating a mood board with pictures of your dream hot tub can be helpful when figuring out what design you want to go with. Look online and in magazines to find inspiring photos and create a colorful and mood-inspiring board. This board acts as a visual representation of your dream hot tub, and can help you find the perfect model.

B. Warranty Comparison

Compare the warranties of various hot tub models to find the best quality and coverage. Generally, the length of the warranty will depend on the models and materials used, so you should consider these factors when doing your research. Most manufacturers also have certified technicians, so be aware of this when you’re shopping around.

2. Measure for Space and Access

Once you pick the perfect model, you must measure the space to make sure the hot tub can fit properly and that there is easy access to the area. Measure twice to avoid any mistakes and confusion. You should also measure the access points or check the dimensions around the walls, gates, and fences so the delivery team can get the hot tub to its destination.

A. Space Measurement

Carefully measure the space you have to work with. Take into account the delivery route and the curves or steps to make sure the hot tub doesn’t bump into anything. Furthermore, identify if there are any obstacles or tight stairways that might create a problem for the delivery crew.

B. Access Point Measurement

Measure the opening, gate, or doorway that leads to your hot tub’s destination. Make sure it is at least twice the width and height of the hot tub so that the tub can fit through without issue. Consider any turns and angles to ensure the tub can fit through any tight corners.

3. Watch the Weight

Be aware of the weight of the hot tub you’re looking at. Hot tubs generally weigh anywhere from 500-900 lbs in their final configuration, so it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. A typical hot tub needs at least two people to move and install it, so if you’re planning on doing it yourself, make sure it’s weight you can actually handle.

A. Check the Assembly Size

It’s also a good idea to check the tub’s assembly size, as this will reveal how heavy the tub is before it’s filled with water. This is important to consider when you’re calculating upfront costs and estimating the workload for getting the tub set up.

B. Consider the Delivery Method

If you’re not sure how you want your hot tub delivered, consider your options carefully. Check if the manufacturer or retailer ships the hot tub to your house, or if a third party company is needed. Also consider if you need a crane or pallet jack to lift the tub.

4. Prepare Delivery Instructions

Once all the measurements are done, you must communicate the pre-delivery information with the delivery team. Provide all the necessary details such as the address, measurements, access points, obstacles, and any other important information the crew might need to know. Carefully check the delivery instructions multiple times to make sure all the information is accurate and up-to-date.

A. Provide Date, Time and Address

Write down the address and provide the exact date and time you want the hot tub delivered. If the delivery is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, be sure to let the team know right away. Make sure the address is accurate so the delivery crew can find the exact location.

B. Special Instructions and Obstacles

If there are any special instructions or obstacles the delivery crew should know about, you must provide them beforehand. This includes tight corners, narrow stairways, trees and bushes around the area, and any off-road routes the delivery truck may take.

5. Get the Necessary Supplies Ready

To ensure a successful hot tub delivery, make sure to have the necessary supplies ready. Things like appropriate tools, tubing and hoses, cords and extension cords, cables, plugs and connectors should be ready and waiting on the delivery day. Additionally, have a first-aid kit ready as a precautionary measure.

A. Tools and Parts

Ensure proper tools like wrenches and screwdrivers are ready on the delivery day. Having any extra parts and supplies that may be needed will make the tub installation smoother, quicker, and easier. Things like tubing and hoses, cords, and plugs should be ready, so the delivery looks like a piece of cake.

B. First-Aid Kit

Organize a first-aid kit with the necessary items for any accidental injuries that may occur during the process. Keep bandages, antiseptic cream, and other supplies in a prominent location in case of emergencies.

6. Contact Your Homeowner’s Insurance

To protect yourself from any liabilities, contact your homeowner’s insurance and make them aware of your hot tub purchase and installation. Check if the hot tub delivery is covered under your current plan, and determine if any changes need to be made before the hot tub is ready for use.

A. Insurance Coverage

Check what exactly is covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Make sure to ask questions like how long it will take for the hot tub to be covered, what coverage is offered, and if there are extra fees. Knowing exactly what’s covered before the delivery day will help you avoid any surprises or inconveniences.

B. Policy Adjustment

If necessary, adjust or update your insurance policy to include the new hot tub. This will ensure you and the hot tub are both covered in the unlikely event of an accident or problem. Make sure to get the adjustment in writing before paying for the hot tub installation.

7. Clear the Area for Installation

Before the delivery arrives, make sure to clear out the area for the installation. Remove any furniture, plants, and objects that are in the way so the crew can move the tub around more easily. Doing this will reduce the installation time and prevent any accidental damages to your belongings.

A. Clean Up the Area

Clear the area and give the delivery crew more room to move around the site. Remove furniture, decorations, plants, hoses and anything else that might be blocking the way or causing a tripping hazard. Cleaning up the area will help the process run smoother, faster, and more safely.

B. Power and Internet Connections

Before the delivery crew arrives, double check the power and internet connections in the area. Make sure the wiring, connections and cables are all in working order and that there aren’t any exposed or loose wires. It’s also a good idea to check if the connection is strong and reliable.

People Also Ask

How do you prepare for hot tub delivery?

To prepare for a hot tub delivery, do your research and measure the necessary space and access points. Additionally, watch the weight of the tub, and prepare delivery instructions for the delivery team. Get the necessary supplies ready, contact your homeowner’s insurance company, and clear the area for installation.

What do I need to know before buying a hot tub?

Before buying a hot tub, make sure to research various models and compare the warranties. Consider factors like size, style, seating, and access panels. Additionally, measure the space and access points, and watch the weight of the tub.

How long does a hot tub take to install?

The installation time for a hot tub varies, depending on the model and type. Generally, installation takes between 4 to 8 hours. However, if any complications arise, such as sloppy wiring or incorrect connections, the installation time can increase significantly.

Do I need a crane to deliver a hot tub?

It depends on the size and weight of the hot tub. If your hot tub is smaller and lighter, a crane may not be necessary. However, if the hot tub is too large and heavy, a crane may be needed to lift and maneuver the tub into place.

Final Words

Delivery day can be super exciting and nerve-wracking all at once. By following these seven tips, you can make sure your experience is as stress-free as possible. Careful planning and preparation will help the delivery process run smoothly, allowing you to enjoy your hot tub from the moment it arrives.