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Are you looking for some cool projects that can enhance the beauty of your hot tub and make the most of your outdoor space? DIY projects that can be easily done to complement your hot tub can be fun and cost-efficient. Whether you have a small or large space around the hot tub, here are 10 DIY projects that can help improve the look of your outdoor oasis.

Smart Lighting Accentuates Your Hot Tub Oasis

Alongside your hot tub, outdoor lighting can help emphasize its beauty while also providing you with a cozy, pleasant atmosphere to relax in. Soft lighting provides better visibility and illumination, making it safer and more enjoyable to use your hot tub at night. Installing and setting up low voltage LED strips is relatively simple and can be done in a few steps.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

An array of outdoor lighting solutions are available for your hot tub setup. The most popular choices are solar-powered or LED lighting fixtures, as these require minimal maintenance and installation. For example, take outdoor LED rope lighting – this type of LED strip lighting was designed specifically for outdoor use and can be installed quickly with peel-and-stick adhesive strips and splice wiring. Low-voltage LED puck lights are also great for evenly spreading light around your hot tub for a beautiful ambiance.

Best Locations for Lighting

Lighting can be added to the perimeter of the hot tub, on pathways, stairways or around bench seating. Hot tub lighting can also create a stunning backdrop, with ambiance lights along side fences and walls to give your hot tub a special flair. In addition, you may want to consider attaching up-lighting to your hot tub accessories, such as a deck-mount umbrella, columns or water fountains.

Potted Plants for a Tranquil Look

Adding plants to your hot tub setup is an excellent way to create a tranquil atmosphere and soften the hardscape around the area. Some popular plants you can use are ferns, bamboo, creeping jenny and creeping fig. These plants are generally low-maintenance, which fits perfectly with the ease that is associated with hot tubbing. Alternatively, you can also use succulents, air plants, and ivy for more of a contemporary style.

Types of Plant Ideas

When selecting the right plants for your hot tub, think of the type of look you want to create. For a classic, bed and breakfast style look, the fiddle-leaf fig is the perfect choice. Ferns, ivy, bamboo and so on are ideal if you’re looking for a more natural touch. To achieve a contemporary look, boxwood shrubs and succulents are ideal.

Proper Potting & Placement

Pots come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll have plenty of options to match your décor. Be sure to select ones that have good drainage and blend with your space, and place them at least six feet away from the edge of the hot tub to prevent over-exposure to moisture. Additionally, be sure to place the pots at different heights for a more dynamic look.

People Also Ask

What plants can I put around my hot tub?

Some popular plants to put around a hot tub are ferns, bamboo, creeping jenny and creeping fig. Succulents, air plants and ivy are also popular options.

How should I light my hot tub area?

Solar-powered or LED lighting fixtures are popular choices for the hot tub area. Low voltage LED strips, rope lighting and puck lights are great options.

How do I keep my hot tub plants healthy?

Be sure to choose plants that are suitable for the amount of available light and exposure to heat and humidity. Be sure to select pots that have good drainage and monitor the soil moisture.

What should I do to make my hot tub area cozy?

Adding a few outdoor cushions and blankets to the area can help make it more cozy and comfortable. Attaching up-lighting and potted plants can also create a tranquil, ambient atmosphere.

Final Words

With these 10 DIY projects, you can create a beautiful oasis that’s the perfect spot for relaxation and entertaining. With minimal time, effort and money, you can give your hot tub area a stunning facelift and take full advantage of all that this outdoor area can offer. So, go ahead and get creative to give your hot tub the look you love!