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A home sauna can be an affordable and luxurious way to add a spa-like experience to your home. But the cost of the sauna will vary depending on the type, size, and features you choose. This article will go over the different types of saunas available and their associated costs. It will also address some of the frequently asked questions so that you can make an informed decision on how much to spend on your home sauna.

Types of Saunas and Their Costs

Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas are the most popular type of sauna available. They emit warm infrared radiation for a therapeutic effect. On average, an infrared sauna costs around $2,000-$4,000.

Outdoor Saunas

Outdoor saunas are great for summer months when you want to enjoy the sauna without heating up your house. On average, an outdoor sauna will cost around $3,000-$7,000.

Steam Saunas

Steam saunas use high temperatures and humidity to create a sauna-like atmosphere. On average, a steam sauna costs around $2,500-$6,000.

Conventional Saunas

Conventional saunas use hot rocks to create a dry, steamy atmosphere. On average, a conventional sauna will cost around $3,000-$6,000.

Other Sauna Costs to Consider


When installing a sauna, there will be additional costs associated with the installation process. On average, installation for a sauna can cost up to $1,000.

Heat Sources

The heat source for your sauna will play a major cost factor. For infrared saunas, the most common heat source is electricity. For steam and conventional saunas, gas and wood are common heat sources.


Once you have your sauna installed, there will also be regular maintenance costs related to the upkeep of the sauna. It is recommended to have your sauna cleaned and serviced once every year to help maintain the quality of the sauna and maximize its lifespan.

People Also Ask

How long should a home sauna session last?

The recommended duration of a home sauna session is 15 minutes for a conventional sauna, 25 minutes for an infrared sauna, and 15 minutes for a steam sauna.

Are there any health benefits from using a home sauna?

Yes, a home sauna can provide benefits such as improved circulation, reduced stress, and improved sleep quality.

Can I install a home sauna myself?

It is not recommended to install a home sauna yourself as it requires professional knowledge and experience. It is best to consult with a sauna professional for proper installation.

Do I need a special flooring for a home sauna?

Yes, it is important to use a special sauna flooring to reduce slips and falls. It is recommended to use a non-slip ceramic tile or a non-skid rubberized flooring.

What safety measures should be taken when using a home sauna?

When using a home sauna, it is important to stay hydrated and take frequent cool-down breaks. It is also important to not use the sauna if you are pregnant, have any serious medical conditions, or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Final Words

A home sauna can be a great way to indulge in the benefits of a spa-like environment without having to leave your home. The cost of a home sauna will vary depending on the type, size, and features you choose. It is important to factor in the additional costs of installation, heat sources, and upkeep before making a purchase. With the right research and knowledge of the available options, you can make an informed decision on how much to invest in your home sauna.