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Cleaning Hot Tub Filters: How Often And What To Look For?

Hot tub filters need regular maintenance to prevent debris and dirt build-up that could interfere with your hot tubs performance. Not only will cleaning your hot tub filter keep the spa water clean and hygienic, but it will also reduce the risk of contaminating the pipes, under the tub, and reduce the occurrence of ‘spa jets’ clogging up. In this article, we’ll discuss how often to clean a hot tub filter, and what you should look for during your cleaning routine.

Checking the Filter for Debris

Before you start to clean the filter, it’s important to check for visible dirt and debris. Dirt, small stones, and other debris can get stuck on and inside the filter. Visually inspecting the filter regularly can help you identify any areas that need to be professionally, manually cleaned.

Lubricating the O-rings

The filter unit features an O-ring that works to keep dirt and dust from entering the spa area. After you’ve checked for debris, it’s important to make sure that the O-ring is free from any dirt or debris. Over time, the O-ring will degrade due to weather and use, which is why it’s wise to lubricate it every few months.

Soaking the Cartridge

The cartridge part of the filter unit is one of the most important cleaning steps. To remove any dirt, debris, and other tough stains, the cartridge must be soaked in a filter cleaner. Filter cleaning products are available in stores and can be used to get rid of stubborn dirt and seal any holes or cracks. Let the cartridge soak for at least 10 minutes and then rinse it off with water.

Checking the Pressure

Once it’s been cleaned, you’ll want to check the filter’s pressure. This can be done by using your spa’s control panel, or an external source. The pressure should fall between 10-15 psi. A higher pressure can indicate a clogged filter, and you’ll want to manually check for any debris that may be blocking the filter.

Determining How Often to Clean your Hot Tub Filter

In general, you should inspect and clean your hot tub filter every one to three months. If you notice a higher filter pressure or a lot of dirt and grime, you may need to clean more often. However, if you notice a lower than normal filter pressure, you may need to replace the filter entirely.

Cleaning the Exterior of the Filter

A layer of dirt and debris can accumulate on the exterior of the filter. Rinse the outside of the filter with a hose and make sure that any potential dust and dirt is washed away.

Reinstalling the Filter

Once you’ve washed the cartridge, make sure that it’s dry before reinstalling. Push the filter back onto the filter body in a clockwise motion until it’s securely locked in place. After the cartridge has been reinstalled, check for any visible signs of clogging.

People Also Asked

Can you clean a hot tub filter with soap?

Yes, you can use a mild soap to help clean the filter cartridge. Just make sure to rinse the soap off afterwards.

How do I know when I need to replace my hot tub filter?

You may need to replace your filter if there are visible holes, deep rips and tears, or if it has been used for over 6 months.

Do I need to check my filter every month?

Unless you notice a higher than usual filter pressure or a large amount of dirt and debris, you don’t need to check your filter every month. However, it’s important to set a reminder to inspect and clean regularly.

Can I replace the filter myself?

Yes, you can replace the filter yourself as long as you follow safety protocols. Make sure to read the hot tub’s user manual before you start.

Final Words

Cleaning your hot tub filter is an important part of maintaining your hot tub and keeping your spa area clean and hygienic. By following the above steps and inspecting your filter about every 1-3 months, you should have a much cleaner and safer hot tub that’s free from dirt and debris.