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Create a list of top 12 tips to follow while designing a hot tub bound backyard. Use “Tips and Tricks” as the headline, with


Happy designing!

The hot tub is perhaps the pinnacle of a beautiful outdoor area design as it brings with it a combination of luxuriousness and relaxation—a perfect activity to engage in on hot summer days with friends and family. But, how do you make the most of a small backyard? Below, we will look at our favorite small backyard designs with hot tubs, the common benefits of having one, tips and tricks for incorporating them into your home, and more. Read on for our guide to great small backyard designs with hot tubs.

Tips and Tricks

1. Construct and install the hot tub so that it stands out as a focal point in the backyard.

2. Place the hot tub on your deck, patio, or concrete pad for a more fluid surface and to create a unified look.

3. Utilize container or raised garden beds to blend in the hot tub, surround it with plants, and create a beautiful look with vibrant color and texture.

4. Try to include features of your landscape design that emphasize the hot tub and its environment. Such as wood-burning fire pit, water feature, stone benches, and more.

5. Take advantage of creating seating around the hot tub. This can be done in many ways with the use of sun decks, stone patios, and raised decking.

6. Use lighting to your advantage and create an atmosphere of beauty and serenity.

7. Incorporate creative landscaping elements into your backyard design—such as a stream or small pond, built-in planters, stone paths, and more.

8. Install hot tub steps or a ladder to aid in entry and make the hot tub more accessible.

9. Add a partial enclosure to the hot tub to maximize privacy and maintain a sense of safety and security.

10. Incorporate materials that let the hot tub blend into its surroundings. This can be done through the use of natural stone, pest proofing, and composite decks.

11. Allow for adequate space and ventilation around the hot tub to keep it running properly.

12. Don’t forget safety features such as a fence or railing around the hot tub area and an anti-slip surface around the tub.