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You have all the reasons to be proud of your pool; it has become a great gathering spot for your friends and family and the neighborhood’s enjoyed it. But, there’s still one more aspect to consider if you want the pool to look truly stunning: landscape. Pool landscaping is more than just pretty; it can be practical, too. In this article, we’ll explore how landscaping around your pool can be both pretty and practical.

Functional Landscaping

Landscaping around your pool can help shape the area while defining the swimming pool itself. Well-designed landscaping can also bring out the best elements of your pool and the surrounding gardens or patios. Attractive shrubs, trees, and plants create an eye-catching space work adding privacy. Use shapes and colors that tie it all together depending on the mood that you’re hoping to evoke.

Choosing Plants for the Pool Area

When landscaping around your pool, the best plants to choose would be the ones that require little maintenance. Choose those that would work well in the space you have available and ones that grow either close to the ground or relatively short. They will ensure that they are out of the way of swimmers and won’t obstruct anybody’s view of the pool. Examples of low maintenance plants that work well for pool landscaping include aloe, sedum, and bacopa.

Design for Safety

If you have kids or a lot of visitors to the pool, then a safe pool area is a must. Landscaping for safety is the practical option for any pool area, and the protective fencing and barriers around the pool will certainly help. But, adding a few other design elements such as pathways that lead from the house to the pool and steps that surround the sides of the pool can provide better access as well as hold everyone’s safety in mind.

Accentuate with Color

Color plays a big role when it comes to pool landscaping. You can bring out the best hue in your walls and pool deck if you use the right color scheme when landscaping. Choose colorful plants, large pots, and patterns that incorporate some blues, greens and yellows. Add a few accents like flowers to bring the party of color to the pool area.

Creating the Perfect Retreat

Everyone loves a good retreat. You can create a beautiful and peaceful retreat for yourself, family and friends without having to go far from your home. Pool landscaping includes adding features like a pergola, arbor or stones that contribute to the area’s aesthetic beauty. Additionally, a budget-friendly retreat could be made possible with the help of some comfortable furniture or a hammock or two to really complete your spot.

What to Avoid When it Comes to Pool Landscaping

Avoid low-hanging trees or plants with big leaves that could end up in the pool. Trees and plants with big seeds and pods should also be avoided as well as those that could drop fruits and petals into the pool. Additionally, these types of trees and plants also require more maintenance as they grow, and can become too difficult to handle.

People Also Ask

Q: What plants should I avoid for pool landscaping?

Avoid trees and plants with seeds, pods, petals or fruits that can end up in your pool.

Q: What type of landscaping makes my pool area safer?

Design your pool area with safety in mind by adding pathways, steps, fences, and barriers around the pool.

Q: How can I make my pool area more enjoyable?

Make your pool area more enjoyable with a few accents such as furniture, flowers and colors. Add a roomy pergola or arbor to turn your poolscape into the perfect retreat.

Q: What colors work best with pool landscaping?

Choose colors that work best with your pool area that complement the walls, deck, and other design elements such as blues, greens and yellows.

Q: What type of plants are ideal for pool landscaping?

The best plants to choose for pool landscaping would be those that require little maintenance. Choose those that can grow close to the ground, relatively short, and easy to look after.

Final Words

Pool landscaping can transform your pool area in more ways than one. Both the visual appeal and practical application of the landscaping area must be carefully considered. Choosing the right plants, colors, and accessories, along with taking safety into consideration can make a huge difference in how you and your guests enjoy the pool.