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Here Are Top 10 Tips for Finding & Buying the Best Swim Spa

Swimming meets relaxation with the versatile and multifaceted swim spa. As an investment into your health, wellbeing and wellness, it’s important to make sure that your individual needs and preferences are met when selecting the best swim spa for you. Before making your purchase, consider the following top 10 tips for finding and buying the best swim spa for your home and lifestyle.

1. Set Your Budget

Know How Much You Can Spend

Swim spas come in various shapes, sizes and prices. Before you start looking for the best swim spa for you, consider a budget for your purchase. You should set both a price range that you are comfortable spending and an adjustable budget for any additional accessories or upgrades that you may want on your swim spa.

Take into Account:

  • Price of the swim spa
  • Cost of shipping and installation
  • Any additional features you may like to add

2. Establish Your Space Requirements

Measure & Plan for the Swim Spa’s Location

Once you have established your budget, consider the space requirements for your swim spa. Knowing the size of the swim spa before making a purchase can help narrow down your choices, eliminating too small or too large of an option. Also, it’s important to ensure that the area can accommodate the size and weight of the swim spa, as well as potential installations.

3. Consider Your Health/Wellness Requirements

What Do You Want to Get Out of the Swim Spa?

When selecting the best swim spa for your home and lifestyle, it’s important to consider how your personal health and wellness goals can be met. Ask yourself what you hope to get out of the swim spa. If your goal is a great workout, look for a swim spa with powerful jets and a versatility to perform various types of aquatic exercises. If relaxation is a priority, look for a different type of swim spa with powerful but gentle massage jets.

4. Consider Maintenance Preferences

Think About What Level of Maintenance You Can Handle

Maintenance habits vary from person to person. Do you prefer to do all the maintenance yourself, or would you prefer not to worry about it much? Decide what level of care you want to devote to your swim spa before you buy it. By knowing whether you want a swim spa that requires more care or one that requires minimal maintenance can narrow down the right one for you.

5. Choose the Accessory Features

Pick From:

  • Steps & Rails
  • Covers & Lock Systems
  • Lighting & Stereo System Options

When selecting the best swim spa for you, accessories can add to the longevity of the swim spa, as well as improve the overall experience. Different swim spas come with different accessory options, so knowing which ones are important for your lifestyle can narrow down the best one for you. Steps & Rails, Covers & Lock Systems, Lighting and Stereo System options are all popular accessory choices offered by swim spa manufacturers.

6. Select the Appropriate Jet Arrangement